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Looking for a Licensed and Bonded Debt Management Service Provider? Look no further than CAPC for all of your debt management needs!

Our industry leading customer service and second-to-none debt management program options make us a top choice for consumers nationwide. If you're in debt and need help, CAPC will do everything we can to help you.

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"Thank you for helping me get my credit card debt all paid off. It's a remarkable feeling. Five years ago it seemed insurmountable -- almost $75,000 -- now it's gone. Special thanks to the entire team who were always so encouraging. I am very grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH."
P.W. Taylor - Ann Arbor, MI

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank your staff for their dedication and compassion in the processing of my case. The respect and courtesy extended to me during this difficult process helped me get through some challenging days. Please extend my gratitude to the wonderful staff and bless all of you."
W.P. Dufour - Los Angeles, CA

"I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with my credit card debt because of high interest rates. If it weren't for Consumer Alliance, the majority of my monthly credit card payments would be going towards finance charges not allowing me enough left over to save for retirement. Their program lowered my interest rates, got me out of debt faster, and now I am able to save for a rainy day. Thank you for all your support and helping my family get back on track."
A. Marquez - El Paso, TX

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Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation is a nationwide licensed debt management plan service provider.

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If you feel snowed under by even the monthly minimums and need help with debts, you’ve probably already heard a lot of conflicting information online or in ads. But don’t go for just any one-size-fits-all debt solution -- choose an established debt counseling provider that can help you analyze your own specific situation and offer debt help and advice that really fit your needs.

CAPC is a debt advisory service that can help you manage your debt and save your credit score with effective counseling and consolidation services. We offer stress-free debt advice that puts you back in control of the credit card debt that has you feeling overwhelmed -- and helps you pay it off much faster, with less hassle.

If you’re ready to get started on the road to better debt management, you can use the handy tools on our website to find out what your credit cards are really costing you and whether you are a good candidate for a credit card consolidation loan. Then contact us to get in touch with a debt adviser who can help you chart a course to a debt-free life. We’re here to help you, so contact us today!