Who is Consumers Alliance Processing?

We are a credit counseling agency specializing in Debt Management Plans. We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to reduce your monthly payment and interest rate. Not only do we save you money, but we help you get out of debt faster.

CAPC was founded in 2004 by JoAnn Niffenegger, who found herself deep in credit card debt and interest piling high. CAPC was founded on the principal of helping struggling individuals and families overcome their financial hardship, by helping them take control of their debt.

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Thank you for helping me get my credit card debt all paid off. its a remarkable things. Five years ago it seemed insurmountable. almost $75,000, now its gone. Im very grateful.

Thank you thank you thank you for doing such a fantastic job in clearing up all our accounts. Due to all your hard work, we will have a much happier and stress free future.

I will say that they are awesome. They helped me every way possible. Because of their help on my credit cards and getting them paid off, I now have a house in my name.