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Congratulations on enrolling in the Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation debt management plan. CAPC is excited to help you on the road to becoming debt free. CAPC strives to provide the highest level of customer service. You are encouraged to contact our customer service staff any time you have a question. Many clients transfer to Consumers Alliance after having been enrolled in a debt management plan with another DMP servicer.

Any monies paid to your previous servicer shall continue to be the responsibility of your previous servicer and not the responsibility of CAPC, including any refunds, overpayments, a refundable first payment, a refundable security deposit or any monies which they may owe to you or to a creditor on your behalf prior to the start date of your DMP with CAPC. CAPC has not received these monies from your previous servicer and will not be able to refund these amounts to you. If you are owed monies from your previous servicer at the completion of your DMP, CAPC will provide you with a certificate of completion at the time that complete your program, to assist you obtaining these funds from your previous servicer.

Consumers Alliance Transfer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to transfer my account from the company I am with to Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation?
The transfer is effective on the date specified on the contract you received.

Now that my account has been assigned to Consumers Alliance will I still receive the same service that I was getting from the company that I was with?
Yes, our customer service department realizes the position you're in and we will make this transition as smooth as possible for you. We have a dedicated customer support team for all of our clients.

Will I get a monthly statement from Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation?
Yes, you will continue to receive a monthly statement from CAPC outlining your accounts, along with all payments made to each of your creditors.

Will my creditors work with Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation?
Yes, once your account is transferred to CAPC, we will be sending out all new proposals on your behalf. This is needed to transfer the accounts from your original debt management company into ours.

Is re-negotiating really necessary?
Yes, this will allow us to speak on your behalf should we need to contact your creditors for any reason.

Will my monthly payment change now that I am with Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation?
No, all payment schedules and plans will remain the same. There will be no additional fees or cost to you for the transfer of your account.

Is your program different than the one I enrolled in?
No, CAPC specializes in Debt Management, which allows you to pay your debt 100% in full at the adjusted rates set by your creditors.

Can I change my creditor payment dates now that I am with a new company?
It is not suggested you change any due dates if your creditors have already accepted a proposal and your payments are on time. If your payments are not getting to the creditors on time and you are getting late fees, then yes, you should change your due date.

How do I make my payments to you?
If you are currently paying with an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), this will automatically be carried over to CAPC for you. CAPC also accepts payments on-line at www.CaProcessing.com , cashier's check or money order.

What do I do if I change banks or move?
You can visit the client log-in page and update your personal information, including bank accounts or address'. You can also call our Customer Service Department or send an email to support@caprocessing.com and we can update your records for you.

What if I do not want to change debt management companies?
Your account has been assigned to CAPC. We understand that it's difficult to change companies, however, please keep in mind that once you are enrolled in a Debt Management Plan it is important that you remain dedicated to the program. The benefits of this program with CAPC will continue as is for the remainder of the plan. Remember, if you drop out you will be subjected to the default rates that your creditors reserve the right to adjust to when you fail to comply with the agreement. Let CAPC work with you to achieve your financial freedom.

Will the time it takes me to get out of debt change now that I am with a new company?
No, the estimated timeframe you were given will remain the same. Remember, once an account is paid in full through the program, in order to keep the estimated length, that payment will carry over to another account. Customer Service will apply that payment to the highest interest account with you to determine which accounts take priority or which you would like paid additional funds.

Why do I need to send in my most recent creditor statements?
It is important that CAPC receive the most current data to ensure that your account is being serviced properly. We also recommend that you send in statements at least every two to three months.

Why do I need to fill out another bank draft authorization form and new contract?
Because it is necessary for the current service provider to have an authorization form and current contract on file.

What if I want to pay more than my monthly minimum payment?
Just call Customer Service to make the arrangement.

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